Artist Interview - Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez

Artist interview between Shannon Skye Robinson (Curating Futures Project Coordinator), and Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez (Curating Futures Artist).

* Warning, mature content- nudity *

Date of Interview: 1st of July 2021

Participants: Shannon Skye Robinson (SSR) and Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez (AZV)

SSR: What is your background?

AZV: I have always had an artistic practice.

I have been a plastic art student since 2017 at the Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes in Cali - Colombia, one of the best university institutions in the country dedicated to training artists. I’m also a technician in Interior’s Design at Indearte and a technical photographer at the Escuela de Fotografía del Valle.

I have three art collectives: In the first one, I’m the Art and Creation’s Workshop lab Manager in the Artists from the Municipality of Jamundí. In the second one, I’m the Visual Art Manager and the Representative in Historias Vivientes. And in the third one, I’m an Artist Creator in Curating Futures. I also have many participations in different courses on painting, ceramics, bookbinding and among others.

Before starting my career, in 2015, I got my first publication in the Janssen Laboratory Calendar 2016, an honourable mention and the sale of my painting Crystal in the Concurso Nacional de Pintura Janssen 2015 that was exhibited in Bogotá, Colombia.

At this moment, my artistic process has been reflected in nationals and international exhibitions, publications and participatory projects, and I hope I can expand it much more.

I was in the Libro de Artistas Flamantes #14 of the collective Hago Cosas from Spain, the website and in the magazine May 2019, Issue 5, Vol. 2 of Jaamzin Creative from Singapore, the Parallax Art Fair exhibition in London, UK, through participation with the Gaudí gallery from Madrid, Spain and later in the Espíritu Londinense exhibition that took place in the gallery of them, the participation in the virtual exhibition and international contest Universo by Universo de las Artes from Argentina, the participation in the virtual exhibitions with international artists in Call and Response # 12 and # 13 created by Shoebox from USA, the publication of my photograph Guerrera in the magazine Volumen 2, Issue 1, Spring 2021 of Flora Fiction Literaty Magazine from Florida, USA, the exhibition of my videoperformances Discovering Myself and Depression VS Me on the international virtual platform, the publication of my poem Tú, una epifanía in the magazine Revista Literaria Ouroboros (Poesía, Arte y Literatura) Edición #27 of the Corporación Ouroboros from Medellín, Colombia, in the publication of my for photograph Desperate in the website of Dwell Time from UK and in the participation with the videoart Cuerpo sin alma in the exposition ¿En tu cotidianidad qué se volvió paisaje? by Feria Virual de Artes Visuales 365 and Que No Se Vuelva Paisaje from Colombia.


SSR: How did you get into art/ creativity?

AZV: My passion for the arts and my beginning in the realization of artistic practices as a hobby began when I was very young, approximately 8 years old. I started writing poems, stories and making theatre and some draws and paintings.

Artwork produced by Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez


SSR: What do you get out of producing work?

AZV: Through each of my denotations, I allow myself to experience, in body and mind, the entire process of knowledge, recognition, improvement, empowerment and forgiveness that I have gone through in all this time. I use these searches and responses as my symbolic elements, which I implement as stories of my experiences in the plastic medium.

Artwork produced by Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez


SSR: How do you want your work to be perceived by an audience?

AZV: I would like to sow in the viewer a seed of empathy in my dialogue with the viewer through my works. I try to germinate reflections and confrontations in each of them. I want to trigger thoughts that question them through the results that are denoted in my works of all my personal processes, which has been generated through the catharsis and the body as an artistic medium.

Artwork produced by Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez


SSR: Who are your biggest inspirations?

AZV: I have many artists on my list but my favourite one is Marina Abramović.

Marina Abramović, Miracle 4 (2018)


SSR: What are the main concepts or themes you explore within your work?

AZV: When I entered the university and began to investigate myself, I discovered my starting point in my postulate as an artist, which has been my focus since then, not just because it was an important discovery towards my self-recognition and other reflections, it’s also about my introspection around my diagnosis as a person with Bipolar Affective Disorder been the key essence to generate all my artworks.

I have implemented these axes in all my plastic language to be able to bring the experiences, thoughts and emotions that I have lived from my daily life in the search of that resilience and empowerment towards myself. I want to reflect all my synesthetic, visceral, vulnerable and transparent way to make art in each of my artworks, especially those of are making in paintings, performances, photographs and video performances.


SSR: What is the main thing you have learnt through your creative practice?

AZV: To free myself from many things by being artistically free.

Artwork produced by Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez


SSR: Who is your work for? Yourself? A small community? A specific sector of society? Or is it for everyone?

AZV: I think I start by making my art to find myself, after I get my personal results, I share it with all the people who want to see my artwork - trying to help them as I help me.

Artwork produced by Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez


SSR: What is the best piece of advice you could give to another artist, or someone just starting out in the creative sector?

AZV: Believe in yourself, in the power of your inner voice and in your ideals.

Artwork produced by Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez


SSR: Why did you decide to join the Curating Futures community?

AZV: Because I want to communicate through this community, how diverse and flexible humans can be if they open their minds to freedom of expression, create stuff using different practices and accepting different ways of thought. And with that in the soul, begin to work towards a more tolerant and receptive world. I believe that my reflections on art and life from the position of a Spanish-speaking woman can transmit these ideals of a healthier and more empathetic society to make a better world, not only for art but for life itself.


You can find Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez via her Instagram or Linktree