Artist Interview - Daura Campos

Artist interview between Shannon Skye Robinson and Lois Emma Harkin (Curating Futures Project Coordinator), and Daura Campos (Curating Futures Artist).

* Warning, mature content- nudity *

Date of Interview: 20th of December 2021

Participants: Shannon Skye Robinson (SSR) and Lois Emma Harkin (LEH) and Daura Campos (DC)

SSR/LEH: What is your background?

DC: I am a Latinx, self-taught, lens-based artist based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


SSR/LEH: How did you get into art/ creativity?

DC. Photography snuck up on me when I was traveling abroad for the first time and thought the occasion required a better documentation medium than my phone camera. I couldn't afford a digital camera so I opted for a thrifted 35mm one. In less than a year, photography took up more space in my life than my other interests and I focused on becoming an artist in 2020.

Artwork produced by Daura Campos


SSR/LEH: What do you get out of producing work?

DC: I get time and space to explore.

Artwork produced by Daura Campos


SSR/LEH: How do you want your work to be perceived by an audience?

DC: It really depends, nowadays I am very interested in the different reactions my more abstract work brings out of someone.

Artwork produced by Daura Campos


SSR/LEH: Who are your biggest inspirations?

DC: There are way too many, but Nan Goldin was my first inspiration.

Artwork produced by Daura Campos


SSR/LEH: What are the main concepts or themes you explore within your work?

DC: My photographic practice challenges traditional image-making processes, revealing itself as more than a meta-commentary with a subtext that prompts broader conversations on the implications of existing in a dissident body.


SSR/LEH: What is the main thing you have learnt through your creative practice?

DC: Patience goes a long way.

Artwork produced by Daura Campos


SSR/LEH: Who is your work for? Yourself? A small community? A specific sector of society? Or is it for everyone?

DC: For myself and those who can see themselves in the artwork.

SSR/LEH: What is the best piece of advice you could give to another artist, or someone just starting out in the creative sector?

DC: Try not to take rejection personally. I know it’s hard, but give yourself some grace.

SSR/LEH: Why did you decide to join the Curating Futures community?

DC: I am eager for community-building opportunities, as a self-taught artist my creative process is lonesome at times and it is helpful (and healthy) for me to engage in organic collaborations.


You can find Daura Campos via her Instagram