Artist Interview - Ema & Jyoti Atelier

Artist interview between Shannon Skye Robinson and Lois Emma Harkin (Curating Futures Project Coordinator), and Ema & Jyoti Atelier (Curating Futures Artist).

* Warning, mature content- nudity *

Date of Interview: 20th of December 2021

Participants: Shannon Skye Robinson (SSR) and Lois Emma Harkin (LEH) and Ema & Jyoti Atelier (E&J)

SSR/LEH: What is your background?

E&J: We both have a creative background in visual art and textiles. Each one of us has founded and run a project space (Platform1 Gallery & PaintSpaces Gallery). We share an accumulated experience in working in start up initiatives architecture, technology, fashion and property. We had coincidentally both graduated at Central Saint Martins School of Art, but met much later when going back to art school - to do our MA’s in Fine art at City & Guilds London Art School. We graduated with a first and both stayed on as residents sharing a Trustee role and Chairing the students which coincided with innovative solutions, new policies, pastoral care and mentorship.


SSR/LEH: How did you get into art/ creativity?

E&J: We both had inspiring role models in our art teachers and found creativity to be a natural outlet since a young age, for Ema alongside writing and Jyoti drawing.

Artwork produced by Ema & Jyoti Atelier


SSR/LEH: What do you get out of producing work?

E&J: It is a learning process of self reflection and realisation of collective truths. Contentment, enrichment and simultaneously release. The resonance and connection with society surfaces through sharing and insight of output and process.

Artwork produced by Ema & Jyoti Atelier


SSR/LEH: How do you want your work to be perceived by an audience?

E&J: "They collaborate with each other of course, but aspire to collaborate, too, with the earth. From the concept to the framing, their art is consciously sustainable. They mix their own colours – “home-cooked pigments” as they put it, using iron oxide and natural earth pigments. They forage and they recycle. Even the frames are re-used. Their self-described “unapologetic effeminate aesthetic” seems to work; the pieces they create have a quiet, natural beauty." by Ken Towl Inside Croydon - Article

Artwork produced by Ema & Jyoti Atelier


SSR/LEH: Who are your biggest inspirations?

E&J: Nature - including humankind; Alchemy, cosmos, ecosystem, science, philosophy.

Artwork produced by Ema & Jyoti Atelier


SSR/LEH: What are the main concepts or themes you explore within your work?

E&J: Engaging with the elements, natural and raw materials we learn about universal values in the ecosystem, whilst recording the environmental impact of human behavior and its effect on each other.


SSR/LEH: What is the main thing you have learnt through your creative practice?

E&J: Being open to learning from materials, understanding what is tangible and intangible whilst always allowing room to reassess habits & revise processes as a consequence.

Artwork produced by Ema & Jyoti Atelier


SSR/LEH: Who is your work for? Yourself? A small community? A specific sector of society? Or is it for everyone?

E&J: The work is purposefully tactile and textural in order to easily connect its rawness and vulnerability with everyone this intentionally opens the chance for materiality to communicate harmony and balance.


SSR/LEH: What is the best piece of advice you could give to another artist, or someone just starting out in the creative sector?

E&J: Be sincere, be open, be brave.


SSR/LEH: Why did you decide to join the Curating Futures community?

E&J: Collaboration is at the heart of our practice, the Curating Futures community project would continue to expand and explore our joint interest in the tangibility and intangibility of materials.


You can find Ema & Jyoti via their website