Artist Interview - Rachel Rea

Artist interview between Shannon Skye Robinson and Lois Emma Harkin (Curating Futures Project Coordinator), and Rachel Rea (Curating Futures Artist).

* Warning, mature content- nudity *

Date of Interview: 20th of December 2021

Participants: Shannon Skye Robinson (SSR) and Lois Emma Harkin (LEH) and Rachel Rea (RR)

SSR/LEH: What is your background?

RR: I am multi-media artist with 12 years in costume design and textiles, who has

branched out into using wasteful materials, turning them into conceptual spaces

with light, sound, and textiles.


SSR/LEH: How did you get into art/ creativity?

RR: I have known it all my life as I come from a family of creatives, writers, and


Artwork produced by Rachel Rea


SSR/LEH: What do you get out of producing work?

RR: I love to experiment, and being creative is essentially professional problem

solving. I feel that this process can be therapeutic and thrilling at the same time.

Artwork produced by Rachel Rea


SSR/LEH: How do you want your work to be perceived by an audience?

RR: Audience participation, and specifically how they interact with my work, is very

important to me. I hope that the work conveys feelings of awe and wonder,

whilst allowing the viewer to become part of the piece in the process.

Artwork produced by Rachel Rea


SSR/LEH: Who are your biggest inspirations?

RR: Aurora Robson, Dale Chihuly, Anicka Yi, and Leo Villareal.

Artwork produced by Rachel Rea


SSR/LEH: What are the main concepts or themes you explore within your work?

RR: Light, refraction, texture, and material manipulation, used to create conceptual

works inspired by nature.


SSR/LEH: What is the main thing you have learnt through your creative practice?

RR: Being comfortable in failing, because you never know when you might discover a

technique you would not have thought of before.

Artwork produced by Rachel Rea


SSR/LEH: Who is your work for? Yourself? A small community? A specific sector of society? Or is it for everyone?

RR: It’s broadly for everyone, but those from the recycled arts, environmental

outreach, and festival sectors would find particular value.


SSR/LEH: What is the best piece of advice you could give to another artist, or someone just starting out in the creative sector?

RR: Determination is a virtue, even in times when confidence and motivation is

scarce. Try not to be deterred from expressing yourself, learning new things and

having a go - you will surprise yourself with how much you can do when you put

your mind to it.


SSR/LEH: Why did you decide to join the Curating Futures community?

RR: To meet and be inspired by fellow creatives. Being a freelance artist that works

in isolation, I hope to find inspiration and potential opportunity for collaboration.


You can find Rachel Rea via her Instagram